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Did You Know?

A wolf's jaws can produce up to 1500 pounds per sq. inch of pressure, compared to the 750 pounds per sq. inch produced by a large dog and the 70 pounds per sq. inch generated by a human.

Savings a Species

Saving a Species – Spotlight on the Red Gray Wolf The Wolf Conservation Center participates in the Species Survival Plan
(SSP) and Recovery Plan for the critically endangered red wolf. Bur what does this really mean? Join us to learn what it takes to help save a species from the brink of extinction. Guests will get an inside look at the process of matching potential breeders, what criteria must be met to recommend wolves for release into the wild, the husbandry challenge of caring for animals that we rarely see and why it’s so important to help red wolves resume their rightful place in the wild. Guests will visit the Ambassador wolves as well as the WCC’s Mexican wolves and critically endangered red wolves too. Pre-registration is required.

Fee: $13- adults / $11 - children under 12

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