In addition to being one of the most celebrated internationally acclaimed classical pianists of our time, Hélène Grimaud is a highly committed conservationist and the founder of the Wolf Conservation Center.

In her newest project, Woodlands and Beyond, Hélène partners with photographer Mat Hennek to deliver in a concert to be both heard and seen, the harmony and spirituality of natural landscapes… and wolves!

Thank you, Hélène! You’re are an inspiration!

Learn more about Mat Hennek’s work:

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Wolves have long been shrouded by myth and superstition, this week provides an opportunity to opening the door to understanding the importance and plight of the keystone species. It’s a time to recognize wolves as an ESSENTIAL part of our natural landscapes and to engage others to become interested and active in wolf survival.

Follow the Wolf Conservation Center on Facebook and be on the lookout for wild giveaways, wolf facts, and ways to take action for North America’s most misunderstood predator!


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Scientists aren’t entirely sure how wolves evolved into dogs, but new research into the genetic and social behavior of wolf pups may offer some clues.

More from The New York Times.

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