Mexican Gray Wolves F1226 and M1133

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Most of the Mexican gray wolves or lobos that call the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) home are never seen by visitors to the Center. For this reason, it's surprising that a number of these elusive creatures have a fan base

F810 was born on April 25, 2003 at the Oklahoma Zoological Park with three brothers M804, M805 and M807. Once they arrived at the Wolf Conservation Center, F810 and brothers lived in the exhibit Mexican wolf enclosure. Over the following years, brothers M804 and M805 moved out to start families of their own. M804 along with his mate F749 made up our only Mexican wolf breeding pair for 2013 and had two pups on May 8.

F810 and brother M807 quickly became fan favorite during onsite visits due to her curiosity about our visitors and her parading around the enclosure showing off her food just after weekly feedings. She now lives off exhibit with Mexican wolf M1133 who was born in 2008 and had a brief chance to experience life in the wild.