Where is Atka?



3    Pleasantville Elementary School

5    LI Wolf Expo *

9    Charles DeWolf Middle School

15  West Bristol School

16  Hommocks School Elementary School

22  Woodcliff Middle School

24  Woodcock Nature Center *

25  George Washington Elementary School

26  Woodcock Nature Center RAIN DATE *


5    Ardsley Children's Center

8    Alley Pond Environmental Center, Inc. *

16  Greenbelt Nature Center *

18  Somers Intermediate School

19  Lincoln Titus School

26  Scarsdale Middle School


(* Event open to public)


live-cam-wildearth2Keep an eye on our critically endangered wolves as well as Ambassador wolves Atka, Alawa, Zephyr and Nikai. Enjoy - and please let us know if you see anything interesting.

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Wolf Howl

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