Where is Atka?

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Current Events

Past Events

  • LoboWeek - Join the Movement!
  • Sketching Safari at the Wolf Conservation Center
  • Evening Howl for Adults only with Special Guest Mike Bond
  • Alien Invaders with Animal Embassy
  • Wild Edibles
  • Coyotes:  Behavior, Ecology and Coexistence
  • 2014 Midwest Wolf Stewards Meeting
  • Vacation Wolf Camp for Kids (Grades 2-5)
  • Up, Up and Away on Earth Day!  Talons returns to the WCC!
  • Nature Trek - The Next Generation
  • Wine & Wolves Event
  • Saving Elephants - One Creature at a Time
  • Survival Skills Workshop - Intro to Primitive Skills and Friction Fire
  • African Drumming with Wolves
  • Sketching Safari at the Wolf Conservation Center
  • Sleeping with Wolves
  • Survival Skills Workshop
  • Island of Biodiversity with Animal Embassy
  • 2013 Yellowstone Adventure
  • Yoga with Wolves
  • Wolf Camp for Kids
  • The Hudson-Greenway Connection
  • Fun & Free Event - Walk for Wolves!
  • Silent Art Auction & Wolf Tattoo Fundraiser
  • Up, Up and Away on Earth Day
  • Wolf Pup Wednesday and Thursday
  • Yellowstone:  A Ranger's Perspective
  • Feast for the Beast
  • Celebrate Lobo Week - 15 years of Howls on the Landscape of the Southwest
  • Vacation Wolf Camp for Kids
  • Why Wasn't Lassie a Wolf?  A Scientific Exploration of
  • Arctic Fest: Wings & Wolves
  • Wine & Wolves
  • After School / Vacation Wolf Camp for Kids
  • "Wild Harmonies" Concert & Wilderness Adventure with Hélène Grimaud, WCC and NMWA
  • WCC 2012 Gala
  • Yellowstone Adventures
  • Alien Invaders w/Animal Embassy
  • Arctic Fest: Wings & Wolves
  • Polar Bears & Climate Change
  • South American Adventure w/Animal Embassy
  • Book Signing to benefit the WCC
  • Up, Up and Away on Wolf Awareness Day
  • Conserving Africa's Painted Dog
  • A Night of Music & Fashion - Neiman Marcus/Broadway Benefit
  • Howling Wolf Family Folk Festival
  • The Search for the Eastern Cougar
  • Green Homes & Great Estates Tour
  • Guest Lecturer William Berloni Talks Dogs – From Shelters to Stardom
  • Art Safari at the Wolf Conservation Center
  • Wolves and Grizzlies After Recovery – A Yellowstone Adventure
  • Pup Playdates
  • World Wildlife Presented by Animal Embassy
  • Wolf Pup Wednesdays
  • Gala with Hélène Grimaud & Atka
  • “Romeo: The Story of an Alaskan Wolf”
  • Wine, Wolves & Pups on the Way
  • Painting the Painted Dogs – Art, Conservation & African Wild Dogs
  • The Buffalo are Back
  • Rainforest Rendezvous – A Special Adventure at the Wolf Conservation Center
  • Majestic Beauty – Atka Inspired Art Show and Auction to Benefit the WCC
  • Lobo Night with Filmmaker and Conservationist – Elke Duerr
  • “Howling Wolf” Concert to Benefit the WCC
  • The Black Caiman Project:  Conservation of a Keystone Species
  • An Evening with Wildlife Filmmaker Bob Landis
  • Native American Dance & Storytelling at the Wolf Conservation Center
  • GREEN HOMES AND GREAT ESTATES — WCC House Tour — Brings in $10K+ for New Education Center & Red Wolf Pups
  • Alien Invasion with Animal Embassy’s Chris Evers
  • Cheers!  Drink up for the Wolf Conservation Center
  • Did I Just See a Wolf?  The Truth about the Eastern Coyote
  • Arctic Fest:  Wings & Wolves
  • Wine, Wolves & Wonderful News
  • Bringing Back the Legend: Cougar Recovery in Eastern North America
  • Guest Lecturer William Berloni Talks Dogs — From Shelters to Stardom
  • Endangered Species at the Wolf Conservation Center
  • Polar Bears & Climate Change – Guest Lecturer, Don Moore
  • Documentary Premiere!  “Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators” Film & Discussion
  • The Unique World of a Wildlife Artist
  • The Bear Reality
  • WCC 10th Anniversary Gala
  • Foals Touching Souls
  • The Last Polar Bear
  • Realm of the Tiger
  • Hélène Grimaud Recital & Reception
  • The WCC “Staff Pack” provides enrichment for Kaila, Apache, Lukas and Atka
  • Wine & Winter Wolves
  • Wolf Conservation Center Monkey’s Around
  • Patagonia and the WCC
  • Wolf Awareness Week – Endangered Species Program
  • Border Books Event

live-cam-wildearth2Keep an eye on our critically endangered wolves as well as Ambassador wolves Atka, Alawa and Zephyr. Enjoy - and please let us know if you see anything interesting.

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