Where is Atka?


2             The Speyer Legacy School

6             Shoreline Outdoor Education Center

12           Steep Rock Land Trust*

14           WSCU - Roots & Shoots*

15           AMNH's Science and Nature Program

19           Boscobel House & Gardens*

26           Cheshire Academy

28           AMNH's Science and Nature Program

30           Charles H. Bullock School


1              King Street Intermediate School

3              Yale Peabody Museum*

4              Wilton Go Green Festival*

6              Parkway School

7              Huckleberry Hill  Elementary School

9              John Pettibone School

10           Tent- The Institute for American Indian Studies

12           AMNH's Science and Nature Program

13           Burr Inetrmediate School

15           Burr Inetrmediate School

17           Ansonia Nature Center*

19           Pelham School

20           Pelham School

23           Mohonk Preserve*

25           Wolf Central

live-cam-wildearth2Keep an eye on our critically endangered wolves as well as Ambassador wolves Atka, Alawa and Zephyr. Enjoy - and please let us know if you see anything interesting.

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Music to our Ears

Singer/songwriter Steve Jackson is donating a dollar from each purchase of his new CD "Goodnight Moon" to the Wolf Conservation Center. This CD is available to download by clicking here.

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