Maggie Howell, Executive Director, has worked at the Wolf Conservation Center since 2005, starting as the WCC's Managing Director and taking the helm as Executive Director in 2013. She continues to lead the WCC's education and advocacy initiatives and be the main voice of the WCC. Maggie's interest and experience with wildlife run deep. Growing up in New York City, Maggie visited her local veterinarian more often than her pediatrician, routinely bringing in injured city "wildlife" she had rescued. She continued her studies more formally at Vassar, earning a degree in Biology, focusing on Animal Behavior. After a several years working in the jungles of Wall Street, her passion for natural wildlife led her to Washington State, where she began working with big cats. Maggie soon expanded her experience to other predators at Arizona's Out of Africa Wildlife Park, becoming manager of the Big Carnivore Group and working closely not only with big cats, but also with wolves, bears, and hyenas.

In 2014, Maggie became the coordinator for the Northeast Wolf Coalition.


Rebecca Bose (Curator) is in charge of the well-being of all the Wolf Conservation Center's Ambassador and Species Survival Plan (SSP) wolves, and serves as the primary handler for Atka, the traveling ambassador wolf. Rebecca started as a volunteer with the WCC when it first formed and quickly proved invaluable thanks to her animal care skills. She was named Curator in 2003, becoming one of the WCC's first staff members and was elected to join the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan Management Group in 2009 and the Mexican Gray Wolf Species Survival Plan Management Group in 2010. 

Rebecca holds a BA in biology (with minors in  chemistry and pre-vet studies) from Pace University and a MS in biology and environmental science from Western Connecticut State University.  Harboring a great love for animals and the environment since she was a child, Rebecca always envisioned herself working for a conservation/animal cause. She is rarely found far from her German Shepherd Kai, who not only travels with Atka, but also helps keep the WCC grounds clear of wayward sticks.


Spencer Wilhelm (Operations Manager) is in charge of constructing and maintaining the WCC's extensive enclosures and grounds. He also assists in animal care and leads many of the WCC's onsite education programs. 

Raised in a small town in Wyoming, Spencer earned a BS in Zoology from the University of Wyoming before traveling to Washington State to work with large cats. His passion for wildlife next brought him to Arizona's Out of Africa Wildlife Park where he not only continued working with big cats, but also gained hands-on experience with bears, wolves, and hyenas. Spencer then headed east to a position at the Bronx Zoo, before joining the WCC in 2005.   


Alex Spitzer (Educator) teaches many of the Wolf Conservation Center's onsite and offsite programs and assists with other aspects of the WCC's daily operations. After graduating from the State University of New York Environmental Science and Forestry School in 2010, Alex became an educational intern at the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN before joining the Wolf Conservation Center staff. Alex leads the WCC Wolf Camp for Kids and joins Maggie Howell as a member of the WCC Curriculum Committee.


Deborah Hays (Director of Development)

Deborah Hays, Director of Development, is responsible for working with the Board and other volunteers to raise funds to support the WCC’s species survival, education, and awareness efforts.  Prior to joining the WCC she led development efforts at the Diller-Quaile School of Music, the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and ArtsConnection, and has sat on numerous non-profit Boards.  Debbie lives with her husband, violinist Uli Speth, and their daughter Anna in Mount Vernon, New York.


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