U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to Decide Fate of Last Wild Red Wolves TOMORROW (Tuesday) Afternoon. The wrong decision could mean extinction.

USFWS Media Release
Atlanta – On Tuesday, June 30, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Regional Director Cynthia Dohner will announce decisions on the Non-Essential Population of Red Wolves in North Carolina. The announcement is being made after a comprehensive evaluation of the population and its role in the overall recovery effort for red wolves by The Wildlife Management Institute in November.

News release will be posted June 30, 2015, at 1:00 p.m. EST at: http://www.fws.gov/southeast/

Red wolves remain among the world’s most endangered species. With less than 100 in the wild, they are classified by as “Critically Endangered.” Only one place on the planet are wild red wolf populations viable and secure – North Carolina. But the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission has asked USFWS to terminate the red wolf recovery program there, a move which would inevitably result in the loss of the last wild population of red wolves and render the species extinct in the wild.

Tomorrow, USFWS will announce whether the agency will continue, modify, or end recovering this rare and periled species.

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The Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

Earlier this week we asked for your help and you heard our howls! Enormous thanks to all who were able to contribute and help the Wolf Conservation Center recover from damage brought on by Tuesday’s powerful storm. We are humbled by the incredible support from our pack – supporters like you.  THANK YOU!

The WCC’s three red wolf yearlings express their gratitude by well, acting like wolves! In this video they demonstrate that one need not be a pup to act like one :)

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The Wolf Conservation Center’s 7-week-old red wolf pups experienced their first destructive storm on Tuesday. Having a robust family to hunker down with no doubt brought them comfort.

Watch them now via webcam.

Wild red wolf pups of a similar age just lost a parent. Why? Because USFWS, the very agency charged by federal law with protecting the endangered species, authorized the killing of their mother. Read USFWS’ press release here.

To add insult to injury, the agency is poised to end the recovery program in North Carolina and thus render the species extinct in the wild.

There is a perceived notion that red wolves are a local or regional issue. Endangered species recovery, however, is a matter of pride and concern for all U.S. citizens. Wildlife and other natural resources are a public trust. The public trust is a legal concept that implies that we all share equal, undivided interests in America’s wildlife. Thus, decision-making and resulting wildlife policy should be developed based on sound science and carried out in a democratic manner responsive to the voice of ALL people. The Red Wolf Coalition offers a sample letter here. Please urge USFWS to give this rare and at-risk species the support it deserves.

Thank you!

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Wolf Conservation Center staff, volunteers, and wolves are sharing a collective sigh of relief today. Yesterday afternoon a brisk thunderstorm with powerful winds ripped through the Center and knocked down dozens of large trees crushing several fences in their fall. Thankfully, the wolves are okay. WCC’s endangered species facility which houses the majority of the Center’s critically endangered Mexican gray wolves and red wolves bared the brunt of the formidable and quick moving storm. Although four enclosures were compromised, the wolves remained safe and contained. WCC staff and volunteers worked through the night to move wolves from damaged enclosures, make the pathways and roads accessible, and address the fallen fence-lines.

We are so thankful for our dedicated team of volunteers and interns who rushed to our aid – what an amazing crew! Although they’ve been working tirelessly to remove fallen trees and erect damaged fences,a lot of work remains to be done. If you are able, please consider making a donation to help us in this effort. Every penny helps!

Donate Here

Some good news — since our restricted area was impacted the most, all education programming will remain on schedule!

Thank you!

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Red wolf M1803 (aka Moose) with his two rambunctious yearlings

Being a dad is so incredibly special, but it can also be exhausting. Perhaps that’s why we have special holidays to honor the patience, hard work, and undying love that parenthood requires. Check out this classic video of red wolf M1483 eagerly waiting to see his then 6-week-old sons M1803 and M1804 early one morning in June of 2010. It’s funny to see how often the new dad yawns and stretches, those pups ran him ragged! Try to watch the video in it’s entirety, the loving reunion is worth the wait. Happy Father’s Day!

Today little pup M1803 is all grown up now himself wears the badge of fatherhood. Join him and his 9 kiddos (including 6 seven-week-olds) via live webcams!

Live webcam.
Live dencam.

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