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SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 – U.S. Federal court blocks U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from authorizing private landowners to capture and kill last remaining wild red wolves!

Judge Terrence Boyle issued a preliminary injunction that forces federal officials to meet high legal standards before they can remove wolves from private property.

Boyle also said that conservation groups are likely to succeed at trial in showing that the USFWS has violated the Endangered Species Act.



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This is what family looks like.

For wolves, bath-time isn’t only fun, it helps strengthen family bonds. When Mexican gray wolf F1226 (Belle) licks and nibbles her 4-month-old daughter, not only is Mom keeping her kiddo’s fur clean and free of debris, her grooming efforts are gestures of intimacy that reaffirm the unique emotional bonds that shape the foundation of the family. Because when it comes to wolves, it’s all about family.

Please take action to keep critically endangered Mexican gray wolves protected.

Take Action

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